General Information

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide a money-saving service that helps businesses, customers and charitable organizations in communities throughout the country.

Our Story

Check out these pages to learn about Cherry Planet.

  • Search our coupons - From here you can search our database of available coupons by category, keyword and/or locality.
  • How it works - Learn more about our business model: how we serve customers, businesses and charities.
  • About Cherry Planet - Our motivations and business philospohy are explained here.
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ) - Frequently asked questions for customers, businesses and charities.
  • Coupon Pricing - Chart of coupon prices by coupon value.
  • Blog Posts - Read the archives of our blog to see what's happening at Cherry Planet.
  • Security Statement - Security is a concern for everyone, especially with so much fraud and cyber crime in the online world today. Learn how we strive to protect your private information.
  • Legal - You can find our terms of use and privacy policies here.


If you have questions or concerns about Cherry Planet feel free to contact us.