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Find exclusive, high value coupons from local businesses.

Shopping and doing business in your neighborhood just got a lot more affordable. is dedicated to saving you money while you are out shopping, dining, and doing business in your local community. Before you go out to eat, buy a gift, sign up for Karate, go to a salon, or spend any money at all, check out the deals and bargains on We provide exclusive coupons for many businesses in your area.

The economy is making it tough for everybody right now. Businesses are struggling, customers are trying to find ways to save money and charitable giving is down. On, businesses get an opportunity to advertise for free, customers get an opportunity to save a lot of money at local businesses and charities get exposure and much-needed funds—that's a win for everybody.

Since we offer free advertising to businesses, they can pass this savings on to you in the form of valuable coupons that you can purchase at low cost. is a dynamic site where money-saving exclusive coupons are being added all the time.

Find exclusive coupons

Search by zip/postal code, city and state to find exclusive coupons. Refine your search by selecting a specific category or just browse through the list to get to know the businesses in your area. When you find something that interests you, click on details and directions for more information including a description of the business, the address, the details of the special offer and a map showing the location. You will also see a 'minimum savings' showing you how much you will save with the coupon.

When you are ready to make your purchase, you can pay with PayPal or any major credit card. Then simply print the coupon and take it to the business to redeem it.

Help those in need with every purchase

We partner with local charities and non-profit organizations who earn money for signing businesses up on Every time you purchase a coupon for a business that has signed up through a non-profit organization, we donate 10% of the purchase price to the charity. We also give 10% of our profits to selected national and international charities.

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Free advertising for your Business offers a dynamic, innovative marketing plan designed to increase exposure and traffic to your business with no out-of-pocket expense and no risk to you.


Post an exclusive, money-saving promotion for customers with our easy-to-use web tools.

Your offer can be buy-one-get-one-free, percentage off total purchase, dollars off total purchase, free services with purchase, etc. Information about your business and your promotion are added to a list, organized by category, and accessed by customers via zip code or city. You can specify all of the details including how many certificates a customer can purchase, the duration of your promotion and the number of certificates you wish to make available.

Your special offer becomes a valuable certificate that gets new and repeat customers in your door.

Coupons are automatically generated to show the specific details of your business, your promotion, and a serial number. When the customer wants to take advantage of your special offer, they purchase a coupon (typically for $1.00) from, print it out and then redeem it at your store. Then you honor the coupon when the customer presents it to you. To keep track of customers using this system and to prevent fraud, you can enter the serial number into your account at, or you can check it off of a list that you print. will actively promote your business locally and nationally.

We actively work to drive traffic to in order to lead customers to you. We use an innovative partner program, press releases and Web 2.0 strategies to spread the word about this revolutionary marketing concept. We will use opt-in targeted e-mail to reach customers whenever you post a new promotion to keep them coming back.

See a sample coupon

Reasons why is great for your business:

Attract new customers – Customers will have the ability to search for coupons via zip code, city or state. If your business has an active coupon, customers will have access to valuable information about you.

Keep them coming back – Customers will have an incentive to do business with you if they have a coupon. For example, data from Tableservice Restaurant Trends indicated that 60 percent of adults said that they were more inclined to eat out at a restaurant that was offering a money-saving option. The significance of this data applies to any business.

No risk and no out-of-pocket expense – There is no fee to have an account on and you can cancel your membership at anytime. You can provide as many coupons as you like, as long as each coupon will save your customers $3 or more.

Reduce your marketing and advertising costs – Billions of dollars are spent each year on advertising and coupon campaigns. Since membership to is free, you can dramatically cut those costs and pass some of these savings on to your customers. The idea is to provide coupons valuable enough to make it worthwhile for customers to purchase them (most are $1).

Receive valuable customer feedback – When you join, you will have access to critical statistics such as the number of people who click through to view your offer, those who purchase your certificate, their zip code and any feedback they may have provided.

Increase tourist traffic – Unlike coupon books, is not limited to one geographic location. Customers new to an area can easily find you and get to know your business through your listing at


Raise Funds for your Organization

Are you part of a non-profit organization and want to raise extra funds?


We need businesses signed up and creating coupons on our site and we also need to let customers know about the savings available to them. Rather than pay a marketing firm to get the word out, we provide a way to put money in the hands of charities and non-profit organizations through our affiliate program.

When your organization signs up as a affiliate, you are given a unique affiliate ID code. The volunteers in your organization then inform businesses about the free advertising available to them on If the business representative wishes to sign up for an account, your volunteers instruct them to enter your ID code in the business sign-up form on the website. We will donate 10% of the purchase price of each coupon purchased for that business.

Businesses love the idea of advertising with no out-of-pocket expense. As one merchant said: “Free advertising—it's a no-brainer.” The more businesses that your team signs up and the more people they tell about the great savings from these businesses, the more money your organization will make. This is a great way for the local community to rally behind your cause.